Friday, May 8

Two steps along the long road

My second semester of this reconsidered walk of life has come and gone.

I'm experiencing a gradual dawning of the responsibility and effort required to land a PhD. It isn't the looming qualifier, the classwork, or the eventual thesis development and defense. It's the great expectations placed upon me (and placed by me upon myself) for any work or comment. I'm finding that a PhD is to be earned stoutly, robustly. The history and tradition of this long road compels in me a new-found, deep respect for your fellow and past scientists, and for science itself.

The popular imagination of a meek scientist has just become unconjurable for me, for I believe there is nothing meek about discovery, invention and creation. We are plopped into our jungles, machete at the ready, vague map to the coast, feeling and breathing in the new land. "Meek" cannot even be formed from the available alphabet.

I have found that I'm not really prodigal any longer.

I am on fire. I am in motion.

I am at peace.


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Bob Murray said...

From whence came - ie. what is the etymology of the
word "unconjurable" unless it is a evolution from the occult? Thank you,

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking loser. What are you 50 years old getting a degree? Get a real job, loser.