Sunday, August 24

So it begins.

Last week, classes began. Words fail to describe how I felt, finally being there. A new gestalt tag for me, certainly: Keith McGreggor, PhD student. At long last. Wow!

This semester, I'm taking 12 hours, divided among three classes:
* CS 7001 Introduction to Graduate Studies
* CS 8803 Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence
* CS 8903 Special Projects (with Ashok Goel)

Although I have a perfectly fine and well-fitted office in VentureLab (3rd floor of the Centergy Building), I'm rumored to actually have a desk of my own in the Design Intelligence Lab (2nd floor of TSRB, across the courtyard from Centergy), but I've not yet nested there. Group meetings for the DIL begin after Labor Day. I'm joining up with a research effort within DIL called STAB ... I'll know soon what that entails. I'll also be working on a rather neat bit of intuition I've had over the summer as an initial research area, and working with Dr. Goel and the group on a general theory of mind.

Ashok Goel has adopted me as a student and I him as my advisor; I hope to prove worthy of this great kindness he has extended to me.

I expect to post more frequently now, as I need to set some sort of rhythm for myself. Perhaps once a week isn't too difficult a goal. For a shiny, happy, finally landed PhD student.


Filipe Pinto said...


Your journey is for sure inspiring and one I would for sure be able to take as well.

I wish you all the best, and I look forward to learn from your experiences.

I'm also trying to network with other systemic thinkers here in Atlanta.

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.



Jon Beckham said...

Please slow down, it's hard to keep up with the barrage of posts bursting forth from the Prodigal PhD.