Monday, June 2

Quanta et qualia

I've been exploring quantum physics lately, looking for analogies between how smooth spacetime seems to emerge from the frothing probabilistic quantum soup and the way smooth consciousness and explanation emerges from the complexity of our neural connection. I'm particularly drawn toward a theory called Quantum Graphity.

Quantum Graphity asserts that on a fundamental level the universe is like a dynamic graph with vertices and nodes. At high energies, this graph is highly connected and symmetric. But at low energies, it condenses into a system that has properties such as a geometry, thermodynamics and locality (the property that distant objects cannot influence each other). (Quoted from here.)

I find an interesting analogy here. The substantial neural connections in our brains are a graph of sorts, where the only thing that matters is that two nodes are connected (e.g. there is no inherent meaning attached to that connection or to the nodes themselves). The high and low energy notions are analogous to whether or not these neural connections are suppressed or enhanced by neurochemicals (dopomine, etc.).

The dive continues.

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